“L” is for “Long-Form”

For such a widely used term in Western improv circles, it can be challenging to get your arms around an inclusive and helpful definition of “Long-Form” improvisation. Here’s an effort to do just that…

My First Improv Orientation: ImprOvientation

In 2005 I began a collaboration with the Office of Rollins Explorations designed to bring a fully improvised orientation show to the incoming class of students. We called the resulting format ImprOvientation. The production has become a campus mainstay. The title, on the other hand… no one ever uses.

A Peek Inside: E Pluribus Unum

Take a peek inside the inner workings of my first long-form Fringe production, E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One. This entry includes my latest addition to the ImprovDr Game Library, “Fluid Sculptures.”