We’re waiting to hear from you. Are you looking for an improv deviser, director, performer, professor, or consultant? Or perhaps a combination? Connect below to start imagining the possibilities…

So, how can the Improv Dr help you?


  • Rent a current improvisational format, such as The Lost Comedies, Murder We Wrote, or (Your) Opera in a Trunk
  • Commission the creation of a new original long-form piece to best suit your company talents and audience needs
  • Collaborate or brainstorm on a current project to streamline or trouble-shoot structural and artistic challenges


  • Guide an existing or new improvisational work to artistic fruition in collaboration with your artistic team
  • Craft an exciting scripted theatrical event utilizing the tools and techniques of a practitioner equally adept at textual and improvisational storytelling
  • Imagine with your creative team ways to deploy improvisational tools in a preexisting project that needs an infusion of new ideas


  • Guest in an improvisational (or scripted) work or present a ready-made show currently in production at your festival, theatre or institution
  • Facilitate or host a custom-built theatrical piece or event designed to appeal to your subscribers, community members or co-workers
  • Entertain your faith-based, social or business event with a unique performance that can put your stories and personalities front and center


  • Enrich your current university or educational curriculum with a carefully constructed improvisational infusion built to suit your students’ needs
  • Support your current teaching practices or faculty with a guest lecture, demonstration, or set of masterclasses
  • Share the communicative tools of improvisation to reinvigorate your team or workplace when it’s in need of a fresh approach to well-worn challenges


  • Inspire your team with an interactive improvisational workshop or retreat that unlocks the potentials of play to help you step outside of your comfort zones
  • Mentor an existing company as you tackle a new work (or refresh a piece that may have become stale or predictable) through focused coaching or masterclasses
  • Strengthen your existing skill-set as an artist with one-on-one or small group observations and advising sessions either online or in-person

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Abandon Accepting Active Listening A is for Caller Change Character Characterization C is for Comedy Commandments Commitment CROW Emotional Truth Endowing Ensemble Exercises Extending Focus Give Give and Take Improv ImprovDr Improvisation Improv Strategies Justification Long-Form Material Music Narrative Objective Obvious Physicality Relationship Sharing Focus Short-Form S is for Specificity Staging Storytelling Structure Subtext Top Reads Verbal Skills Warm-up