“G” is for “Game of the Scene”

“Game of the Scene” refers to the source of interest or dynamism that – given sufficient attention – can blossom into a site of joy and entertainment.

A Peek Inside: ImprOvientation

“ImprOvientation” was developed as an original long-form to welcome new students to college. “Story Hot Spot” is an exercise that develops the personal story-telling skills that so deeply inform this semi-autobiographical style of performance.

My First Improv Orientation: ImprOvientation

In 2005 I began a collaboration with the Office of Rollins Explorations designed to bring a fully improvised orientation show to the incoming class of students. We called the resulting format ImprOvientation. The production has become a campus mainstay. The title, on the other hand… no one ever uses.

Game Library: “Sequence Game”

The “Sequence Game” offers a way to brainstorm or refresh material before embarking on style-based or dramaturgically informed work.